If you could change one thing about the way you were built, what would it be?

I’m perfect. 


Flame wanted to roll his eyes at Flash’s last comment; as if he would ever gamble or watch porn, but he refrained in order to keep himself in Flash’s good grace. After taking mental note of the information that he was given, Flame replied, “Thank you again Flash. I hope you have a wonderful evening. Good night.” And with that he made his way to the teleporter and to his way back home. 

Flash slapped Flame on the ass on his way out, pulling out his e-cig and puffing on it. “You have a good night too, romeo.” He laughs. 



Flame could feel the strength of his new core as soon as he woke up. It was burning steady in his chest like a bright new spark, making every joint and circuit work smoothly without a hitch. The years of soot build up was so gradual that he now realized how free his body felt. No longer did he feel old, achy, or bloated. In fact, he felt brand new, just like the very day he was first built. 

With his confidence returned, Flame got down from the table and walked over to Flash’s desk. Beaming from earcap to earcap, the firebot shook Flash’s hand, his grip firmer than before. “Thank you so much Flash. I feel wonderful! I haven’t felt this way in years! You did an excellent job.”  

He laughs and shakes back. “Yes well, I always do. Now you are free to go, just try not to explode, it will be a big one now.” He makes an explosion sound with his mouth as he stands up. “You need to charge every 72 hours for at least 2 hours, you have solar panels you can activate to help, but trickle charge, so don’t rely on them to much. And I updated your virus software, so you don’t have to worry about RAIDS so long as you don’t visit any gambling websites or download porn hubs.” He pats Flames shoulder.


"Thank you Flash. I promise you that this will be the last favor I will ask of you." Relieved, Flame got up from the ground and got up on the table, laying himself down on the cold steel. The look on Flash’s face made the fire bot embarrassed, but at least he was getting what he needed. Wanting to give Flash a quick reminder of what he wanted, he added, "I would like to be solar powered as well. I do not want to rely on oil any longer.Oh! And could you please clean up my systems while you’re working? I have a build up of soot that needs to be addressed." 

"I’ll be sure to paint your toenails too, your highness." He sneers, pulling over a light as the table activates and plugs Flame into place. His shut down protocols taking effect. "Now just enjoy the time off, when you wake you you’ll make Solar man jealous." 

When Flame was restored he woke in the lab 15 hours later, but he was cleaned, updated, and running at 100% efficiency and his core was fully charged. His joint pads replaced and his synthetic skin patched and resealed. Flash was sitting at a desk eating ramen and watching some old star trek episodes. He loved that Captain Kirk. 


Flame’s entire body was trembling but out of anger or nervousness he had no clue. He took Flash’s hand and kissed the back of it, his hot lips leaving a lingering heat on the synthetic skin that quickly dissipated in the cold air. “Please Flash, I am begging you. I need the repairs. I have no one else to turn to. My body is outdated and the oil that I depend on is destroying me. I don’t want to feel old and tired anymore. Please help me.” 

"Hahaha! Okay okay, just get up, its weird seeing you give in so easy." He moves away, pulling his hand up and pats the table. "Lay down, Romeo. I’ll give you a new heart." Flash watches Flame with a sort of evil bemusement on his face.

>Forgive me if you are busy, dear Flash. But how important is the train and would anyone care if I dealt with him? Trying to win over your race is difficult when such a crass one exists.

>We have a train?

>Yeah sure, I don’t care. Just watch out for his brothers, they might. 


Flame looked away, his cheeks burning. Maybe this could be over with quickly and then they could go straight to repairs. Arguing could lead to even more humiliating tasks and that was something he wanted to avoid at all costs. He looked back to Flash and replied with a curt “fine” as he tried to keep his emotions in check. He shot Flash a glare as he got down on his knees, clasping his hands together. “Please repair me Flash. I need it.” 

"Put a little more spirit into it." He moves and stands right before Fire, leaning down, his lips close to Flames ear cap. "I thought you were all about passion." 


Flame arrived a few minutes later at the moon base with a frown and a heavy heat that surrounded him, making it clear that he was upset. As much as he tried to ration that begging was a relatively light offer in terms of consequences, he hated that he had to comprise his pride for repairs. If he didn’t need them so badly he wouldn’t even consider it in the first place. But he did and so with arms crossed, he announced his presence. “Flash! I am here. I am willing to do what you’ve requested in return for repairs as long as you don’t tell a single soul about this.”  

Flash turns, looking evil and handsome as always. “Yes, so you are. Get on your knees and beg me to fix you. If you impress me I have this nice new powercore with your name on it.” He reaches into a box and lifts the glowing hardware up. “Freshly built too.” He lies. It had belonged to one of the other robot masters in the fortress when they’d died. Spare parts were spare parts. He was pretty sure this belonged to Slash….Then he wondered if Flame would turn into a cat. No, no that was stupid. 





> Please fix me. Please

>Oh come now, you can do better then that Flame. Come to my lab and show me, tell me how much you need it. 

> Fine. Send me the coordinates. I’m coming over now. 

>ahhaha okay here you go~